N-evitable N-tertainment DJ Services became an LLC in 2008.  This business started purely based off of my love for a variety of music and having others listen to the music I like.  Back in high school, I would keep a portable cd player and small external speakers in my locker to play music in the hallways as students were switching classes.  This continued in college when I had several chances to play music a various events on campus including those ran by the National Society of Black Engineers which I chaired for two years.  I collected several cds during my college years listening to songs doing homework and whole albums on my way to my internships with General Motors.

My parents also listened to a wide variety of music as I was growing up.  They collected many of the top albums that were released but what made my experience unique growing up was my father’s passion for listening to various soundtracks and scores to movies.  These same tracks that I would listen to as a kid growing up ended up being the same songs that I would later sample for beats that I produce.  My father would listen to various soundtracks in the evening when returning from a long day at work and helping out with the chores around the house.

N-evitable N-ertainment has hosted over 100 events since becoming fully incorporated in 2008.  The name of the company was inspired by one of my favorite trilogy of movies of all time, “The Matrix.”  Inevitable means sure to occur, happen, or come; unalterable.  Since I was a kid growing up it was inevitable that I would one day become a dj.