Off-Rip – My Friends Call Me Often (Album)

Off-Rip and I have made several songs together over the past 15 years.  Check out my latest beat placement!  Thanks again to Off-Rip for picking one of my beats for his latest album.  Check out Off-Rip – My Friends Call Me Often.  AVAILABLE NOW on all streaming platforms!

Listen to the track I produced “Undecided.”  (Warning – contains explicit lyrics)


Top Songs of 2017

Every year for the past ten years I have posted on my personal Facebook page my top songs of the year.  They are just a collection of songs that I save to a playlist throughout the year.  Several of the songs are found on Spotify.  For each year I am updating it with a Spotify link and YouTube link to the songs.

My picks for the each year are predominantly based on the beats and not necessarily the lyrics.  I also try not to choose songs that are played out on the radio, unless the song is just that great.  Also, I have not listened to every album or mixtape that was released for the year so I may be missing out on some gems.  What were some of your favorites of the year?  Please comment.


Bebe – Twelve Oaks Mall

Here are a few pics from one of my dj gigs at Bebe Twelve Oaks.  I have had the pleasure of playing there on several occasions.  I will let you know the next time I am there so you can check me out.

DJ Nez at Tri To Finish Event (Holly, MI)

Check me out at the Tri To Finish event at the Holly Recreational Area on June 10, 2012.  This was my third Tri To Finish event and I have enjoyed every one of them.  I will be dj’ing several other of their events this year.